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SilverScapes Landscape company is a homegrown Wyoming operation servicing the central Wyoming area with professional landscape services for 10 years. SilverScapes was started by Casper Native Sterling Steensland who began his landscaping career under one of the greatest landscape architects in Wyoming. From the very beginning SilverScapes was privileged to be developed in the highest caliber of landscaping environments.

The business started as a maintenance-based operation taking care of a number of Casper’s premium landscapes. Servicing these high-end landscapes entailed maintenance and restoration on everything from life-size water features to park-sized landscape areas with Wyoming’s gamut of plantings.

These gorgeous landscapes are still under SilverScapes’ care.

Having the privilege to develop the business in a high-end field has allowed SilverScapes to grow into the full-service business it is today offering everything from weeding to water features. We enjoy everything from creating amazing new abodes that allow clients to expand the enjoyable square footage of their homes to maintaining the outdoor components they already have.

Business Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm

Monday -Friday

Phone: 307-315-3463

Email: go@silverscapeslandscaping.com


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